Varuh človekovih pravic

Kdaj do varuha? Kako vložiti pobudo?

Work out of office

For all those that cannot come personally to Ljubljana, the Human Rights Ombudsman holds consultations out of office. On average once a month he and his staff visit a particular part of Slovenia. This is an opportunity for individuals who make a prior request for an interview, to meet with him and to present to him whatever difficulties they are having. Information on when and where interviews will take place and the method of submitting requests are published in the media and on our website. A rough schedule is also made up for the coming few months.

The ombudsman has not forgotten, either, about those that have been deprived of their liberty. To this end he visits prisons, psychiatric hospitals, asylum centres, alien centres and other institutions with restricted freedom of movement and following these visits he always produces a report on what should be improved in order for these people to be ensured of their human rights.